Hardware Support

In response to the perpetual evolution of IT technology, Unirank is constantly updating and broadening its product range to bring its clients the most efficient and holistic IT solutions available.

To complement our software systems, we offer a wide range of hardware to suit every market segment, from home office users to multinational corporations.

Our hardware support solutions include:

  • Workstations, servers and a complete range of built-to-order Notebooks and Desktops.
  • PC system accessories:
    • Sound cards and UPS equipment to SCSI controllers, motherboards, video cards, memory, optical drives.
  • Networking products
    • Switches/hubs, bridges/routers, print and fax servers.
  • Telecommunications
    • Mobile phones, data products, cellular accessories, key telephone systems, palmtop computer systems.
  • Printers,supplies and imaging
    • Printers (laser, inkjets, dot matrix), multifunction units, accessories and consumables, plotters, scanners and digital cameras, audio visual projectors and projection panels.