Asset Management: Network Support Services

This service offers a comprehensive and structured approach to the long term management of IT assets being hardware and software, to compliment the efficient and effective delivery of a client’s lifecycle and IT asset management strategy.

Unirank’s IT asset management process and technologies are designed to overcome the challenges with IT hardware and software management. Our propriety and unique set of asset management tools enable us to discover, inventory and utilise a repository to report multiple types of information about the asset, as well as integrate with other client systems such as supply chain, help desk, procurement and HR systems.

Our IT Asset management services allow clients to:

  • Increase savings through process improvement
  • Gain control of their IT inventory
  • Increase accountability to ensure compliance
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of assets and life cycle management
  • Reduce risks through proper documentation and loss detection

We have developed an IT Asset Management service which is an integrated software solution that works with all client departments that are involved in the procurement, deployment, management and expense tracking of IT assets.