On-Site HelpDesk Services

Unirank On-Site HelpDesk Support, has been providing many Australian and global companies, the value, benefits and extra services an on-site IT Support and HelpDesk can provide. This Support model is perfect for companies that does not require a large Helpdesk team, but needs all the features of a local Helpdesk Team, without the headache.

Our On-Site HelpDesk Support addresses the common IT Support requirements as well as the issues associated with it:

1. Improve Efficiency : It is proven, that Helpdesk issues are resolved faster and users/employees are happier when they can contact and talk to someone locally to assist and resolve their IT issues. Our On-Site Engineers will be able to give more assurance than contacting a remote Helpdesk via support Tickets etc.

2. Provide Stability : 2 for the Price of 1, our model is unique in that we allocate more than 1 engineers in rotating shifts to the site. This ensure there are always backup engineers that just as familiar with the processes, users and unique culture of each Company.

3. Flexibility : Extra resources on demand; during busy times, it is as easy as a phone call to request for more Helpdesk Resources.

4. All inclusive : Include all costs; Superannuation, Workers Compensation Insurance, Holiday Loading, Salary packages, Basic Training costs

5. Include all re-training if new engineer is assigned.

6. Service is backed by measurable Service Level Agreement that ensure support continuity is always maintained, whether one engineer has to travel for business, on sick or holiday leave, etc.

7. An annual contract, billed monthly.