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Unirank offers ongoing network maintenance support based on either a short or long term agreement. This covers regular network health checks by qualified engineers, including (but not limited to): firmware upgrades, network traffic reports and efficiency reports. Our on-site engineers are available to provide technical solutions to your Computer Systems. For more information please contact us.

Want a better way to pay for technology?

What is Flexirent?

Flexirent is the easiest way to finance technology for your home, home office or business. Flexirenting enables you to spread the cost of equipment over 2 to 4 years using convenient monthly payments.

For business customers, these payments are typically tax deductible. Flexirenting means you can use the equipment you need, to get the performance you really want, without tying up capital or sacrificing hard-earned savings. We also accommodate for the changes and growth your business experiences, by allowing you to swap old equipment for new technology as it becomes available. At the end of the rental period, you have a range of options. You can:

1. Continue to rent the existing equipment.
2. Offer to buy all or some of the equipment at fair market value.
3. Return the equipment with no more to pay.
4. Update into new equipment with a new agreement.

For more information, visit

To determine the cost of Flexirenting the technology that is right for you, click here to use the Flexirent Fast Quote Calculator